Our History

The collection began with the purchase of the 1964 Jaguar S-Type Sedan back in 1982.

That particular car has been the subject of extensive restoration work over many years, but is now kept company by many other Jaguars along with several other marques.

Over many years the collection has been added to significantly and continues to grow.

Always with an eye out for the rare and interesting, the internet has become a very useful tool.

The collection has a strong focus on British vehicles, from the post World War 2 period, through to modern machinery, but interesting vehicles from other parts of the world also feature.

These vehicles are being preserved for the future, as a record of the huge advances in the motor industry from the post war years, through the heyday of the British motor industry during the fifties, sixties and beyond.

The collection also includes vehicles modified for competition or participating in rally events.

This also enables us to contribute to our selected charities through events such as the Classic Adelaide Rally, the Great Endeavour Rally and the Road Boss Rally and their association with GIVIT.
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